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Executive Committee

The GlobalPSC Board comprises members representing a diverse range of experience and insights.

Russ Martin

  • President and CEO of GlobalPSC
  • Director of MS2
  • Secretary of GlobalPSC

Russ has over 30 years experience in product stewardship, public policy and sustainability in the US, Australia and Middle East. This includes roles in government and as an advisor to governments and industry. In 2015, Russ won the Global Green Future Leadership Award from the World CSR Congress.

Russ has delivered major presentations in China, Singapore, Serbia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand on product stewardship and sustainability.

In addition to being CEO of the GlobalPSC, Russ is Director of Martin Stewardship & Management Strategies Pty Ltd (MS2), an Australia-based sustainability consultancy. Russ was appointed to the Australian Government’s Product Stewardship Advisory Group, as the Independent Chair leading development of a national product stewardship approach for handheld batteries in Australia, and to the advisory body for Australia’s development of product stewardship framework legislation. Russ has worked with Australian wool, sugar, timber and energy industries on stewardship and bioenergy.

Russ testified before the Australian Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications on the Product Stewardship Bill 2011 and advised the Australian Government on the review of the Product Stewardship Act and Exposure Draft Legislative Package for the Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020.

Russ was also appointed to the Australian Government’s Product Stewardship Advisory Group, which provided advice to the government on products that could be considered for attention under the Product Stewardship Act 2011 and served as the product stewardship technical lead on a stakeholder-led e-waste product stewardship framework for New Zealand.

From developing and implementing a market-based approach to increase packaging recycling in Florida, to chairing the inaugural Australian Greenhouse Conference, to crafting innovative waste management legislation in the United Arab Emirates and leading development of the world’s first biochar industry roadmap, Russ has long been a leader in developing innovative yet pragmatic policies and programs.

Russ received his Bachelors degree in Marine Science/Biology from the University of Tampa and his Masters degree in Environmental Planning and Natural Resource Management from Florida State University.

Russ developed and implemented Florida´s Advance Disposal Fee and served as Staff Director for the Florida Packaging Council.

Since moving to Australia in 1997, Russ has provided strategic economic and policy advice to a broad range of industries and governments at all levels.

Russ served as a Senior Economist with the New South Wales EPA, where he assisted with innovative regulatory reforms and provided economic and policy analysis of major environmental policies and strategies for the Minister for the Environment, the Cabinet Office, and the EPA´s Executive Branch before going into consulting.

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