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Sustainable Resource Use

In an environment where material consumption (and the flow of resources to support it) is rising, Sustainable Resource Use (SRU) work to maximise the use and reuse of those materials and minimise environmental impacts.

SRU’s work reduces the impact of material consumption and leads to improved resource use efficiency and greater resource recovery.

A consistent feature of SRU’s work is identifying, measuring and describing the available options for reducing the environmental impacts of consumption and end of life outcomes. These options may range from changes to systems or products, right through to behaviour change by consumers.

SRU’s areas of interest include:

  • Environmental policy and strategy development for lower resource use, greater resource recovery and improved greenhouse gas outcomes
  • Mapping resource flows, with associated data collection and research
  • Environmental impact of policy and investment decisions
  • Advice on issues and strategies relating to all aspects of the resource use hierarchy
  • Product stewardship guidance and advice

SRU has a strong record of working with government and industry at a senior level to develop the strategies that will make a difference and achieve the policy objectives sought. SRU’s reputation is for providing a sound evidence basis for advice and to present this in a clear and accessible format.

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