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Stewardship Italia

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We are pleased to have as a member of the Global Product Stewardship Council Stewardship Italia.

Stewardship Italy is the first Italian association that aims to promote a culture of stewardship as a model for ethical management of resources in each sector and organization. Stewardship Italy is also a network of associations, institutions, organizations, companies and professionals who consider stewardship a key strategy for managing ethical and responsible use of resources.

In February 2014, Annalisa Casino, Stewardship Italia’s leader, published a new book on stewardship. GlobalPSC CEO Russ Martin was invited to contribute the preface to the book.

The book is the first Italian text on the subject and explores the application of the concept of stewardship through an overview of its main areas of application: from product stewardship to the function of stewardship adopted by the World Health Organization, from the standards of paper and marine certification to antibiotic stewardship and management. The book also presents case studies of the experiences of stewardship in areas such as ethics / caring, relational ethics and social innovation of the professions.

According to Annalisa, the “objective of this work is to reconstruct the history of a model that attempts to reconcile the differences between a corporate approach to an ethical, psychological, sociological and motivational approach”.

Published in Italian, Stewardship, policies and practices for ethical management of resources is available here.

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